Missouri Will Vote on Medical Marijuana This November

On November 6, Missouri voters won’t just have a choice between prohibition and legal medical cannabis — they’ll get to choose among three different legalization measures, each of which takes its own approach toward a regulated and taxed cannabis industry. All three bills received certification from the Secretary of State’s office last week. Now, they’ll have to survive one more week of a 10-day interval in which those opposed can legally challenge the bills. If they do survive, they’ll end up on the ballot and Missouri voters will have their pick.

Is Medical Cannabis Legalization a Sure Thing in Missouri?

With three different proposals slated for the November ballot, medical cannabis legalization seems all but guaranteed in Missouri. But voters will still have to decide what shape legalization will take.

Last Thursday, Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft certified two Constitutional amendments and one statute to go to vote. Certification involves making sure that each proposal received the sufficient number of petition signatures to make it on the ballot.

Medical cannabis legalization has broad popular support in Missouri. So there’s a good chance voters could approve all three ballot measures. The one that will win, however, will be the amendment that

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