Multiple Non-Violent Cannabis Offenders Pardoned on Trump’s Last Day

CANNABIS CULTURE – Former President Donald Trump’s list of last-day pardons included 12 people imprisoned for non-violent cannabis offenses, some of who were under life-without-parole sentences. 

Last Prisoner Project Executive Director and General Counsel, Sarah Gersten said in a press release that the act was, “…further evidence of the overwhelming bipartisan support for broad-based cannabis policy reforms.”

Corvain Cooper, 41, was sentenced to life without parole for distribution of marijuana and money laundering. Cooper has served more than 7 years in prison. Upon release, he plans to take care of his family and work for his local church.

Cooper told CAN-DO Clemency, “When the judge tells you that you have a life sentence, it feels as if you actually have a death sentence. For that is what it actually is, a natural death sentence.”

John Knock, 73, was sentenced to life in prison for a marijuana conspiracy charge. In prison, he was known as the professor and has taught various classes on exercise, construction, and meditation. He plans on living in Philadelphia.

Ferrell Damon Scott, 56, was sentenced to life without parole for conspiracy and possession of marijuana. Acting United States Attorney Sam Sheldon wrote he strongly does not believe

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