Murder conviction overturned in Bakersfield marijuana dispensary shooting – KGET 17

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — An appellate court has overturned the murder conviction of a man who was found guilty of shooting and killing a man and injuring a woman outside a Bakersfield marijuana dispensary in 2017.

Justices with the 5th District Court of Appeal found there was insufficient evidence to convict Troy Sanders, and in their ruling Thursday said Sanders is barred from being retried under the double jeopardy clause. His convictions on attempted murder and firearm and gang charges were also overturned.

Sanders, 30, was sentenced in 2018 to life without parole.

“While a surveillance camera recorded a significant portion of this shooting, the recording raises clear reasonable doubt that Sanders was the direct perpetrator of these crimes, and the remaining circumstantial evidence does not reasonably establish that he was the gunman,” the appellate court’s ruling says. “A reasonable jury could not have convicted Sanders beyond a reasonable doubt based on the trial evidence.”

Deputy Public Defender Tim Blenner, who represented Sanders, said he was surprised at the ruling — not because he didn’t agree with it, but because it’s rare for an appellate court to overturn a conviction based on insufficient evidence. He said this was a case

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