My Drug Recognition Test

CANNABIS CULTURE – Today started out different than most, upon rising  I had to forgo my usual ‘wake n’ bake’ and settle with just coffee and a fruit cup since I had an appointment with a drug recognition expert later this morning and I wanted to be sharp.

CTV news is doing a piece on marijuana and driving and was looking for subjects and after some discussion I was 1 of 2 people picked for the story. I took the Skytrain downtown to meet with CTV reporter Mi Jung Lee where we rode the Canada Line skytrain to Richmond and met up with her cameraman and the other medical cannabis user for the story but I’ll keep the focus of this on my own experience but give you details of what happened.

We drove to the Delta Police Station where we were met by the D.R.E. (drug recognition expert) as well as the Delta PD media spokesperson and the chief of the Delta PD. After introductions and some discussion about how we were going to do the tests we went out to the parking lot to do our work.

Since I was a long time regular user we decided that

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