My Future is a Growth Industry, And Yours Can Be Too!

CANNABIS CULTURE – My name is Michaela Toscas, I am 24 years old and I am the founder of Higher Elevation, a cannabis delivery retail located in California’s East Bay Area. Along with my delivery I currently have 3 cannabis companies and hold a manufacturing, distribution and cannabis event license. I have also helped start a full seed to sale facility that created green zone real estate for 27 different licensed companies. I am a cannabis advocate that has opened up many different local municipalities to allow commercial cannabis activities. I am inspiring positive everyday to help others create their businesses and change the stigma of cannabis.

I wrote this to show an example of what anybody could be, no matter where you come from. I want to spread this awareness. If you want to start a cannabis business of your own, you can.  The best advice I can give is never listen to anyone’s negative opinions, do what YOU want to do. Some of the best decisions ever made were done by people that nobody believed in. Also if you have an idea or dream go after it right away anything is possible but ideas can have expiration dates.

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