New Hampshire Senate Approves Medical Marijuana Home Cultivation Bill

The New Hampshire state Senate approved a bill on Thursday that would allow medical marijuana patients to cultivate cannabis at home. The measure, House Bill 364, was approved by a vote of 14-10. Under the measure, patients registered in the state’s medical marijuana program would be allowed to possess up to three mature cannabis plants, three immature plants, and 12 seedlings.

The 7,000 registered medical marijuana patients in New Hampshire are currently restricted to obtaining cannabis from one of four Alternative Treatment Centers, driving up the price and causing some patients to turn to dangerous options instead, according to Democratic Sen. Tom Sherman.

“Therapeutic cannabis can be very expensive when sold at an Alternative Treatment Centers, and some patients have had to turn back to opioids as a cheaper option to ease their pain,” said Sherman during the debate for the bill on Thursday.

Bill Survives Opposition in Senate

But some senators, including Republican Sen. Sharon Carson, opposed the bill, believing there were not strong enough measures for control and enforcement. Some of those fears were allayed with a floor amendment that removed a provision that would have allowed a patient cultivating medical marijuana to gift cannabis to another registered

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