New Jersey Cannabis Legalization Guide (Public Question 1)

This November cannabis legalization initiatives will appear on the ballots of five states: Arizona, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey, and South Dakota. Every Sunday through November 1, Canna Law Blog will publish a post centered on one of these state ballot initiatives and the current laws surrounding cannabis in that state. So far, we have discussed propositions on the ballot in Arizona, Mississippi and Montana. Today, in the fourth post, we discuss the measure on the New Jersey ballot: New Jersey Public Question 1, the Marijuana Legalization Amendment (2020).

What are the current laws surrounding cannabis in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, recreational cannabis is currently illegal. However, medical cannabis was legalized in 2010 when then-Governor Jon Corzine signed the Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act (CAMMA) into law. CAMMA, which started as a senate bill, allows patients with qualifying conditions and their caretakers to purchase cannabis from state-licensed alternative treatment centers. However, it does not allow patients to grow their own cannabis. Under CAMMA, only six alternative treatment centers can be licensed to sell cannabis at any one time and these centers must be non-profit.

Generally, New Jersey’s medical cannabis legislation is strict in comparison to legislation in other states.

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