New Jersey Health Officials to License Over 100 New Medical Marijuana Businesses

The New Jersey Department of Health announced on Monday that it plans to issue more than 100 new licenses for cannabis cultivators, manufacturers, and retailers to operate under the auspices of the state’s medical marijuana program, according to a release from the agency. The health department plans to issue up to 38 new licenses for cannabis Alternative Treatment Centers (ATCs) in both the northern and central regions of the state and up to 32 licenses for operators in the state’s southern region. The number of new licensees for each area was determined by population figures and the health department’s assessment of patient needs.

“Due to the growing patient population served by the Medicinal Marijuana Program over the course of the 2018 and 2019, and the projected future expansion outlined in the Department’s Biennial Report, the Department has determined that additional ATCs are necessary to meet the needs of the population of qualified patients,” the notice reads.

Product Shortages and Long Lines Under Current System

An increasing number of patients authorized to use cannabis medicinally in New Jersey has led to product shortages, high prices, and long lines at dispensaries. New Jersey Health Commissioner Dr. Shereef Elnahal said that the additional

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