New Tragedies, Same Tactics: A History of Big Media Blaming Cannabis for Mass Shootings

CANNABIS CULTURE – *This article contains images and subject matter that may disturb some readers.

“Marijuana is not going to make you go out and massacre school kids or abortion providers. This happens because we live in a country that glorifies the god of violence and his sacred warriors.”

The CIA As Organized Crime, Douglas Valentine, Clarity Press, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia, 2017, p. 173

Left: The horrific aftermath of the My Lai Massacre Right: James Holmes, perpetrator of the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting. Attempts have been made to scapegoat cannabis use as the cause of these and other tragedies. This article will tear such fallacies apart.

So the New York Post – notorious for pushing the debunked “cannabis use harms developing minds” myth is at it again – this time with the old “cannabis use contributes to mass shootings” myth.

Before I destroy their arguments, I would like to examine a period of history where these arguments were first made. At the moment I’m writing a book about the history of reefer madness. It will cover the last century or so of newspaper (and other media) coverage of “cannabis-related psychosis” stories. These

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