New York Health Department Announces Support of Cannabis Legalization

Back in January, New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced that he was commissioning a State Health Department study on the impact of marijuana legalization. And on Monday, the Health Department released their final assessment.

In its findings, the report substantiates a broad range of social, economic and health benefits of cannabis legalization and a regulated adult-use market. All told, the New York Health Department’s assessment makes a strong case for legalization in the state and should have a major impact on drug policy going forward.

New York Health Dept. Builds Compelling Case for Legalization

When Gov. Cuomo tasked the State Health Department with studying legal marijuana in New York, he asked for officials to focus on a few key areas.

In addition to evaluating health, public safety and the economic impact of legal cannabis, Cuomo was especially interested in how legalization in Massachusetts and Vermont would affect New York, and what the state could learn from its neighbors’ experiences.

The Health Department’s assessment of the impact of legal weed breaks the issue down into those key areas. It presents strong evidence of the benefits of legalizing and regulating cannabis. Yet it also indicates how negative impacts can be mitigated.

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