New York State Assembly Planning Public Hearing on Legalizing Marijuana

It has been an action-packed summer in New York as far as efforts to change marijuana laws go. And all signs point to the imminent legalization of cannabis for adult use. Earlier this month, Gov. Andrew Cuomo appointed a panel to draft a legalization bill after a multi-agency study he ordered earlier this year recommended New York pursue legalization. Likewise seeking input on the matter, the state Assembly announced today a series of four public hearings on legalizing cannabis. The hearings will take place this fall.

New York Legislators Want to Hear from the Public on Legalization

State Assembly members Joseph Lentol, Richard Gottfried, Linda B. Rosenthal and Crystal Peoples-Stokes, all Democrats, have planned four public hearings for this fall. The hearings will seek public input on a bill to regulate and tax adult marijuana use. And while the Assembly wants to hear from cannabis industry experts and those with experience in neighboring adult-use states, it’s also welcoming input from voters and the wider public. Marijuana legalization is a popular position among New Yorkers. One poll puts support at 63 percent.

The fall hearing schedule comes on the heels of an earlier and well-attended Assembly hearing on the same issue. Crystal

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