New Zealand Announces Draft of Cannabis Legalization And Control Bill For Debate

The New Zealand government has a plan to legalize and regulate cannabis, and it wants to know what the public thinks. Next year, it will be up to voters to decide whether they’re for or against recreational legalization as proposed in the draft legislation. Lawmakers plan to introduce a final, more detailed draft of the bill at the start of 2020. That final version will take into account public feedback on the draft released December 3. At the moment, New Zealand wants the public to consider the basic parameters of the legalization proposal. Government officials hope the early release of the draft bill will encourage public awareness and debate on the issue of recreational legalization.

New Zealand Encourages Public to Participate in the Legalization Process

Next year, New Zealand voters will have the chance to vote on a referendum asking whether the recreational use of cannabis should be legal or not. The referendum question is a simple yes or no: do you support the proposed Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill?

To make that decision, New Zealanders will need to be informed about the core elements of the draft bill. While still a work in progress, particularly concerning regulatory details, the

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