Oakland, California Decriminalizes Psilocybin, Other Plant-Based Psychedelics

California voters declined to join the psychedelic revolution when a mushroom decriminalization initiative failed to appear on statewide ballots in 2018. But a city that has long been a leader in the state when it comes to natural drug access has officially brought California into the world of legal mushrooms. On Tuesday, Oakland’s City Council voted unanimously to decriminalize entheogenic plants.

The ruling goes for hallucinogenic growths like the iboga plant, but does not apply to synthetic drugs. LSD and MDMA users, that means you’ll have to wait for another day for your legalization moment.

The resolution also does not allow for the sale of the plants. Decriminalize Nature Oakland was the group driving the resolution, and it has an anti-commodification stance when it comes to hallucinogens. Instead, residents will need to rely on collectives for supply of the drug.

“Concepts such as collectives could provide a space to have an experience, or ‘road people’ who could visit those in hospice care or unable to leave their home,” wrote councilperson Noel Gallo in his agenda report for the City Council’s public safety committee.

Oakland has long been a pioneer in the field of natural drugs and psychedelics. The city has

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