Ohio Allows Curbside Cannabis Pickup During Pandemic

Medical marijuana dispensaries in Ohio have been given the option of providing curbside pickup of cannabis products for their patients in an effort to help control the spread of the coronavirus. The temporary permission to complete medical marijuana purchases outside dispensaries was announced on Friday in a bulletin from the Ohio Board of Pharmacy.

Under a resolution adopted by the board, medical marijuana providers will be permitted to conduct sales transactions outside of the licensed dispensary area under certain conditions.

“Examples of authorized sales include delivering product to a person in the parking lot of the dispensary, a person at the front entrance of the dispensary, or a person at a walk-up or drive-thru window of the dispensary,” reads the notice from the board.

To comply with the temporary rules, transactions must be completed on the dispensary’s property, such as a parking lot or sidewalk. Deliveries to a patient or caregiver’s home or other off-site location are prohibited. Before transactions are completed, dispensaries are required to check a patient or caregiver’s medical marijuana registration and approved identification. The provider must also verify the patient’s recommendation and ensure that they are not exceeding a mandated cap that limits patients to a

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