Ohio Is Having Trouble Finding Producers for Cannabis Edibles Market

It appears Ohio is having some difficulty scrounging up enough reputable cannabis companies to produce a variety of pot products for the state’s medical marijuana program. The Ohio Department of Commerce recently issued its first round of processor licenses, approving only 7 out of 104 applicants. The state says the majority of the businesses interested in producing marijuana–infused oils and treats did not meet the minimum requirements. So now, it’s back to drawing board.

This means there are still several opportunities for stand-up cannabis operations to get in on the ground floor of the Buckeye bud scene. The state is permitted to grant 40 processor licenses during the initial round. The approved processors will be responsible for manufacturing and distributing cannabis-infused brownies, creams, patches and other non smokable forms of the herb to local dispensaries.

Reports indicate it is possible that six more applicants could be given the green light if their background and tax checks come back clean. Some of the failed applicants will also be

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