Oklahoma Public School Plans to Increase Random Drug Tests for Students

On June 26, Oklahoma voters said yes to State Question 788, a ballot initiative legalizing medical cannabis. Unlike measures in other states, Oklahoma’s medical marijuana measure does not set a list of qualifying conditions. Patients simply need a recommendation from their physician.

Pro-cannabis advocacy groups praised Oklahoma’s more accessible approach as a victory for patients. But opposition to the measure, while in the minority, has been vocal.

Critics of legal medical cannabis say SQ 788’s lack of a list of qualifying conditions will make the drug too easy to obtain. And one Oklahoma public school plans to increase random drug tests for students to address this concern.

Are More Random Drug Tests for Students Just a Coincidence?

Edmond Public Schools announced yesterday that they will double the number of students they randomly drug test.

But Edmond Superintendent Bret Towne insists the change of school policy has nothing to do with the passage of SQ 788.

He says the plan to increase the number of random drug tests administered to students only coincidentally aligns with the state’s legalization of medical cannabis.

Towne did acknowledge his and parents’ concerns about the increased availability of cannabis on school campuses. “We always worry about

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