Oldest Black-Owned Dispensary, Purple Heart Patient Center, Trying To Reopen Their Doors – High Times

America’s oldest Black-owned dispensary, Purple Heart Patient Center, has been closed since criminals used the cover of protests to decimate Oakland’s cannabis industry last summer. We talked with founder Keith Stephenson about the road to get the facility back open. 

Last summer, Stephenson noted in other interviews the battle he’d gone through with insurance adjusters to honor his claim. As the drills buzzed behind us, Stephenson explained how it all eventually played out. It involved a lot of hoops and him putting documents in their hands as fast as possible. 

“And they just kept moving the goalposts,” Stephenson told High Times. “So with that being said, that [process] alone was several months, and I found it an arduous painful journey in negligence just dealing with the insurance company.”

At one point he didn’t have contact with the adjuster for three weeks. He called it a “good cop, bad cop” communication system. 

“They don’t want to pay out all of the damage to the facility. They don’t want to pay the business interruption claim which is interesting,” Stephenson said. The insurance company’s argument on not paying out the millions

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