One Man’s Journey From Injustice to Advocacy

CANNABIS CULTURE – “You build perseverance, and no one can take that away from you. They can take your money, take your bank account, they can change legislation, but they can’t take away your perseverance. They cannot take away your will,” Earl Carruthers says of his journey from injustice to advocacy.

See, Earl wasn’t always as passionate about cannabis, as he is now. After a debilitating injury and a historic brush with the law, Carruthers has taken this journey personally and professionally, one step at a time…

Step One – Developing His Passion

Like most people who turn to the use of medical marijuana, an injury offset Earl’s path into cannabis therapy. While playing collegiate football, he endured a pelvic fracture and turned to natural alternatives versus pain medications and opioids. Hence, where his passion for cannabis began. 

After taking a course on the in’s and out’s of medical cannabis – Earl knew what he had to do. He took his entrepreneurial spirit nurtured with a degree in Finance and set forth into the growing medical marijuana business when legalization hit Michigan in 2008. 

Step Two – Starting Over

It’d be nice if we told you that Carruther’s journey was

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