Oregon Court Places Temporary Block on Flavored Cannabis Vape Ban

In a major ruling Thursday, The Oregon Court of Appeals has sided with Dyme Distribution, a cannabis company that’s suing the state over its ban on cannabis vaping products. On Thursday, the court ordered a partial stay of the ban, placing a temporary block on Gov. Kate Brown’s move to lockdown flavored vape cartridges. After moving swiftly to implement wide-ranging bans on vaping products in an effort to reduce vape-linked illnesses and deaths, state governments have begun facing a bevy of legal challenges from industry associations and patient and consumer advocacy groups.

As a result, courts have had to weigh the negative economic impact vape bans have on businesses and consumers against the risks some vaping products present to public health. The appeals court had already granted a stay of Gov. Brown’s ban on flavored vapes containing nicotine. The court’s decision to grant a stay on the flavored cannabis vape ban comes nearly one month after the tobacco industry halted the ban on nicotine products on October 17.

Appeals Court Recognizes No Link Between Vape Flavors and Lung Injuries

Cannabis shops across Oregon are once again stocking their shelves with flavored cannabis vape cartridges and selling vaping products to consumers.

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