Oregon Garnered Over $10 Million in Marijuana Taxes in August, Setting New Monthly Record

According to the Oregon Department of Revenue, the state made over $10 million in taxes from legal marijuana sales in August.

In total, Oregon garnered $10,114,594 million in marijuana taxes in August, narrowly beating  out the previous monthly record set in July (the record before that was the $9.2 million made in January). August’s taxes were made from the sale of around $50 million worth of marijuana and marijuana products.

Of the $10.1 million in marijuana taxes made in August, $8,791,774 came from the state’s tax on marijuana; the remaining $1,322,820 came from local taxes.

The new data brings Oregon’s total tax revenue from marijuana made in fiscal year 2018 to $82,203,729, which already surpasses the $70,263,897 made in fiscal year 2017.

For a full breakdown of Oregon’s marijuana tax revenue since the start of legal sales in 2016, click here.

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