Oregon Hemp Litigation: Investor Alleges He Was Shut Out of Hemp Company

We have been tracking hemp-related litigation for some time. We’ve written about disputes between hemp growers and purchasers, seizures of hemp by law enforcement, consumer class action lawsuits, bankruptcy and other business disputes. Here are just a few of those articles:

A new case filed in Deschutes County, Oregon highlights risks to investors and the importance of retaining a deal lawyer to represent you or your company before making any significant investment in hemp. Haroldson v. OHS Enterprises, LLC et al., Case No. 20CV17834. (Feel free to email me if you’d like a copy of the complaint.)

The complaint alleges that the plaintiff met one of the defendants, GC, in 2017, who presented information about investment opportunities in the hemp industry and represented he was knowledgeable about the hemp production and marketing. The plaintiff helped draft a business plan for a hemp company and agreed to invest $400,000 into the operation for the purchase of property, equipment and other items to start and operate the company. In exchange for the $400,000 investment, plaintiff was to have an ownership interest in any companies formed and in any property purchased for the hemp operation .

In June 2017, plaintiff signed a

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