Oregon to Ban Landlords Rejecting Renters Based on Prior Marijuana Convictions

Oregon legislators have passed a bill that would prohibit landlords from rejecting prospective tenants based on prior convictions for minor marijuana convictions. The measure, Senate Bill 970, would also ban landlords from considering a housing applicant’s status as a medical marijuana patient when making rental decisions.

The bill was passed by the Oregon Senate on April 8 by a vote of 17-9 and then the state House of Representatives voted 36-21 to approve the measure on May 28, receiving little debate in both houses of the state legislature. SB 970 has since been referred to Gov. Kate Brown for her signature.

The major focus of SB 970 are measures that prohibit the operators of manufactured home parks and boat marinas from interfering with renters’ choice of real estate agents and places restrictions on subletting a rental unit that is up for sale. But the bill’s cannabis provisions apply to all rental properties in the state.

Landlords’ Group Opposes Bill

The provisions in SB 970 that ban using a rental applicant’s conviction for a minor cannabis offense or status as a medical marijuana patient were opposed by the Rental Housing Alliance Oregon, an industry group representing landlords statewide. Ron Garcia, the

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