Panel recommends tighter cap on cannabis dispensaries in Meriden – Meriden Record-Journal

MERIDEN — The City Council’s Economic Development Housing and Zoning Committee voted this week to recommend that the city limit the number of adult recreational cannabis dispensaries to three, instead of six.

After about two hours of discussion on the topic, the panel agreed that despite the economic opportunity prohibitions against marijuana sales in Southington and Wallingford might create, the city would be served by having only three recreational or hybrid dispensaries within its borders. A hybrid dispensary is licensed to sell marijuana for both recreational and medical uses.

“People who want to smoke weed are going to drive another five minutes and they’re not going to not come to Meriden,” said City Councilor Yvette Cortez. “I would suggest more than three would not impact economic development outside the taxes on that building. Are there any other benefits to having more than three?”

The city is eligible under state law to have three retail dispensaries and three hybrid facilities, as well as three mini-cultivation operations, for a total of nine cannabis operations within its borders.

The panel agreed with the city’s Planning Commission to allow the dispensaries to operate in most of its commercial zones and rejected a proposal to create an overlay zone allowing such uses. But after agreeing to restricting the

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