Philadelphia District Attorney Won’t Prosecute Cannabis DUIs

The District Attorney for Philadelphia announced at a legislative hearing on Monday that he will not prosecute cases of driving under the influence of cannabis. At a joint meeting of the Democratic Policy committees at the state Capitol in Harrisburg, Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner said that his office would not prosecute cannabis DUIs “unless people show active — I repeat, active — psychoactive amounts of cannabis in their system that rise to a level which has generally scientifically been agreed upon as affecting driving.” Such an agreed upon standard does not currently exist.

Current Law is ‘Absurd’

“What that law currently says is that if there is any detectable amount of digested marijuana in your system, then you are DUI,” Krasner said. “So in other words, if I smoked a joint 30 days ago, it has absolutely no psychoactive effect whatsoever on anything I am doing, and I drive a car, then I am driving under the influence. This is absurd.”

Krasner said that Pennsylvania’s current cannabis laws are “dumb.”

“It has been the law in Pennsylvania forever. It is on a collision course with our medical marijuana, which is going to tell people medically it’s OK for you

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