Police Haven’t Seen an Uptick in Those Driving High on Marijuana Post-Legalization

According to Canadian law enforcement agencies, there has been no noticeable increase in arrests for driving under the influence of marijuana since the nation legalized the plant for everyone 18 and older.

A survey by the Canadian Press of the country’s police forces  has  found that most have seen no rise in DUI cannabis arrests, reports High Times.

“[M]ost police departments are still really focusing on the drugs that we know that are killing people, the opiates and methamphetamines that are causing major concerns across the country,” says Chief Constable Mike Serr, who is co-chairperson of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police’s drug advisory committee.

Many departments which took part in the survey said they had actually recommended less charges for driving while under the influence of marijuana, although Alberta police did report 58 such charges since federal legalization, in comparison to 32 charges levied during the same six months last year.

Many agencies are reporting the prioritization of driver education around proper storage of cannabis while driving, emphasizing that it should be kept safely in the trunk as one would with alcohol containers.

“The news comes at the same time as the Canadian government’s announcement that it

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