Police in Massachusetts Make Super Troopers Reference After Recovering Two Pounds of Weed

Great news, passing glancer! The police department of Braintree, Massachusetts — a suburb outside of Boston — have the “huge bag of cannabis” that you left sitting around for just about anyone to find.

According to reports, a “good samaritan” exercised his neighborly goodwill by bringing the gym bag of weed into the police station for, uh, the person who lost it to collect at their earliest convenience. And to get it back, Braintree cops say all the owner has to do is show up and tell the cops that the weed belongs to them– it should all work out just fine.

Anyone lose a gym bag containing a huge amount of cannabis near 5 corners last night? Don’t panic, a Good Samaritan found it in the road and brought it to our station. Please come to the police station to collect it. #LitteringAndSmokingTheReefer pic.twitter.com/5ta8vsCg8h

— Braintree Police (@BraintreePolice) September 25, 2018

In a press release, police said the bag of pot was discovered in the road around 2 a.m. on Tuesday near a Five Corners; not too far from a Dave and Buster’s, a Home Depot, and a Panera Bread. It’s safe to say somebody had a

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