Poll Finds Majority of Michigan Voters In Favor of Adult-Use Marijuana

A majority of likely voters in Michigan approve of the legalization of recreational marijuana, according to the results of a new poll released on Tuesday. Michigan voters will be deciding on a cannabis legalization measure known as Proposal 1 this November.

According to the WDIV/Detroit News poll, 56.2 percent of Michigan voters support the legalization of recreational cannabis. Those against legalization totaled 38 percent, leaving another 5.8 percent yet to decide on the issue.

Support for cannabis legalization by political party affiliation was highest among Democratic voters. Respondents who report a strong affiliation to the Democratic Party approve of legalization by a margin of 71.1 percent to 24.3 percent opposed. Those who leaned Democratic supported legalization 70.3 percent to 17 percent against. In contrast, a minority of Republican voters support legalization. Only 41.3 percent of strong Republican voters favored legalization with 52.5 percent opposed. Voters who leaned Republican were evenly split on the issue at 49.4 percent both for and against.

By age group, cannabis legalization has the strongest support among young people. Michigan voters age 18-29 support legalization by a margin of 79.2 percent for and 19.5 percent opposed. Only 37.1 percent of voters age 65 and over supported the

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