R.J. Reynolds Claims Its ‘Vuse’ E-Cigarette is Safer Than Tobacco

The e-cigarette industry has been hit hard by the recent outbreak of more than 2,300 cases of vaping-related illnesses and the 47 deaths connected to it. Companies like JUUL have halted advertising in the face of intense backlash and a handful of states have enacted temporary bans on flavored e-cigarette products and THC vapes in light of public health concerns. But R.J. Reynolds Vapor Co., manufacturer of the second-most popular e-cigarette in the U.S., isn’t backing down. Despite widespread health concerns over vaping, R.J. Reynolds claims its “Vuse” e-cigarette is safer than tobacco. And the company is seeking FDA approval for multiple Vuse products.

FDA Likely to Approve Closed-Pod Vaping Systems Like Vuse

Public health officials remain highly concerned about e-cigarette and vaping devices, especially as vaping continues to gain popularity among young people. But R.J. Reynolds Vape Co. still maintains that e-cigarette’s are safer than tobacco. And the company is looking for FDA approval to be able to make such a claim in its marketing materials.

Vuse e-cigarettes are the number two best-selling U.S. brand. R.J. Reynolds bills Vuse products as electronic nicotine delivery systems for adult consumers. The company wants to be able to market Vuse e-cigs as

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