Recent Study Finds That Approximately 2 Million US Teens Vape

Concerns over the preponderance of teens using vapes and e-cigarettes have taken on a new dimension today, as a just-released survey of more than 20,000 U.S. high school students shows teens are vaping cannabis, not just nicotine. In fact, some students who’ve vaped have only used cannabis products. Overall, the popularity of vaping is rising among teens, but is this causing teens to use more cannabis?

Nine Percent of High School Students Surveyed Vape Cannabis

Today’s report in the peer-reviewed medical journal Pediatrics follows up on a study published last month on the relationship between teen tobacco-use and subsequent cannabis-use. That study focused on the popularity of e-cigarettes as a new way of smoking “tobacco.” Since researchers have already shown how smoking cigarettes can lead to cannabis consumption among teens, scientists wanted find out if teens who use e-cigs are more likely to consume cannabis.

What today’s report shows, however, is that teens are likely to be vaping cannabis, not e-cig juice. According to the report, roughly one-third of the middle and high school students surveyed—about 20,000—said they used vapes with non-nicotine substances. And 9 percent of those same students said they vaped cannabis. Even more telling, one out of every three

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