Renowned Medical Marijuana Doctor Says Concentrates Should be Banned

Dr. Rav Ivker, a physician renowned for using cannabis to treat chronic pain, has said he believes marijuana concentrates should be banned.

“I think they should be illegal,” Ivker said. “In fact, I hope they become illegal. The only thing they’re good for is getting really high. But they’re high-risk, and there’s really no benefit from them.”

Ivker said that addiction is possible with “high-potency marijuana products, including concentrates — the shatter and the wax. These can contain from 80 to even 95 percent THC.”

Doctor Still Values Medicinal Cannabis

Ivker, who is the author of Cannabis for Chronic Pain and treats patients at the Fully Alive Medical Center in Boulder, Colorado, still recommends medical marijuana therapies. But he cautioned that patients have to be wary of becoming addicted.

“I advocate for cannabis as a medicine for treating chronic pain. That’s the title of my book, and Fully Alive is predominantly a chronic-pain practice, a holistic medical practice. The vast majority of my patients have chronic pain and are using medical marijuana to treat their problem, along with other modalities. And because I teach my patients how to use cannabis appropriately as a medicine, I don’t see the addiction problem among my patient

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