Report: Only 46% of Americans Would Buy Home Near Dispensary – Ganjapreneur

According to a survey by insurance comparison company the Zebra, less than half – 46% – of respondents would purchase a house within one mile of a cannabis dispensary. The survey found 51% of men would buy a home next to a cannabis shop but just 40% of women.

The Zebra found that Westerners were most open to buying a home near a dispensary (45%) followed by 44% of Midwesterners and Southerners, and 37% of Northeasterners. People aged 22-44 were most likely to purchase a home within a mile from a cannabusiness, while those 55-64 were least likely.

The survey also found that home prices in states, including Washington, D.C., that legalized cannabis also increased – some more dramatically than others – in the years following legalization. Home prices in most legal states, save for Michigan, were also above the national average.

“Colorado and Washington both legalized weed in 2012; since then, property values in both states have doubled. … After legalizing recreational marijuana, home prices grew at rates above the national average in 60% of states: Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Michigan, Maine, Nevada.” – The Zebra, Marijuana Real Estate: How Recreational Pot is Impacting the Neighborhood

A RE/MAX report

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