Residents of Bapu Dham seek independent dispensary | Cities News – The Indian Express

THE GOVERNMENT health dispensary situated near Satsang Bhawan near Grain Market, Sector 26, has been facing difficulties to cope with the number of people coming in for vaccinations, especially from the neighbouring Bapu Dham Colony (BDC), Sector 26. Residents of BDC-26, which was once the epicentre and hotspot of Covid, demand that an independent dispensary be created for the colony.

“Residents of the colony, which is divided in three phases, depend on the routine health facilities of two neighbouring institutes situated outside the colony. These two include the Police Health Dispensary in Police Lines, Sector 26, and the health dispensary at Grain Market-26. The population of the colony is approximately 50,000,” Vinod Kumar, a resident of BDC-26 said. He added, “Largely, the colony residents come to the Grain Market dispensary. Now, common workers in the market, laborers coming from other states are also coming to this dispensary for vaccination. As the vaccination was made compulsory, employers have told their employees to be fully vaccinated.”

BDC is a rehabilitation colony constructed in the 1970s. People also demand that the timing of vaccination should be increased from 3pm to 5pm at least in the dispensaries situated near crowded and congested

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