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click to enlarge TOMMY CHIMS Keef’s cannabis-infused sodas are a tasty way to elevate your day.

It’s not uncommon, when perusing the wares at a dispensary, to get the good old-fashioned upsell from your budtender. “Oh you like X?” they’ll say. “You have to try Y. I have some of this myself and it’s the best!” They are salesmen, after all.

Usually, as with most upsell situations, I politely wave away the suggestion. But on a recent trip to High Profile in Sunset Hills to pick up some flower, I got a tip from the store’s employee that was too good to pass up.

The man in question asked if I’d tried any of the Keef brand cannabis-infused sodas commonly found in most dispensaries. “Yeah, I’ve had the root beer kind,” I replied dismissively.

“No, but have you tried this one specifically?” he asked, gesturing to a can of Purple Passion grape soda. I admitted that I had not, and that’s when he let me in on a little secret.

You see, the regular Keef sodas (as opposed to the

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