Schoolchildren in Russian Republic of Buryatia May Face Mandatory Drug Screenings

If administrators in the Russian Republic of Buryatia get their way, students in the region may soon be required to take drug tests. The move is similar to past proposals, many of which have been quickly condemned as human rights violations.

Schoolchildren Could Face Mandatory Drug Tests

As reported by Russia Today, the Republic of Buryatia is now considering implementing a new drug policy. And the way many people see it, the proposal could be a draconian and heavy handed attempt to vilify cannabis.

According to the news outlet, Buryatia’s head administrator, Aleksey Tsydenov, floated the new proposal. If it is eventually passed into law, all students in the region would be subject to required drug tests.

This would include all schoolchildren, seemingly without any regard for their age. Additionally, the proposal would require all first-year university students to take a drug test. Finally, Tsydenov’s proposal would also force all vocational school students to take mandatory drug tests.

The policymaker said the required tests would help crack down on people using illegal substances. Further, he also said that requiring these types of tests would be a deterrent to keep others from consuming illegal substances.

In order to carry out such

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