Sex, Love and Ecstasy in the Digital Age (Connection Through Psychedelics)

CANNABIS CULTURE –  Shared MDMA experiences are “like waking from a dream, and having something there to reassure you that not every part of the dream was fake,” says Psychedelic comedian, founder of Hello SciCom and emcee of the Listening to ecstasy Webinar — Sarah Rose Siskind.I signed up for this digital trip expecting to cover a book release party for Charley Wininger’s book about his own journeys with MDMA, and his mission to set the record straight regarding what it can and cannot do. 

Psychedelic comedian and founder of Hello SciCom, Sara Rose Siskind

The bill included people like Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) founder Rick Doblin; Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (CoSM) creators and visionaries, Alex and Allyson Grey; and Author of Good Chemistry, The Pot Book, and Ecstasy: The Complete Guide, Julie Holland, MD.

What I attended, though, was a family gathering so warm and caring that it made me miss my own tiny bubble of enlightened hippies. I shed more than a few nostalgic, joyful tears as presenters shared their psychedelic origins, journeys and discoveries—and their resulting manifestations. 


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