Should You Believe the Hype on Marijuana Stock Planet 13? – Motley Fool

One of the more offbeat marijuana stocks is small, Las Vegas-based dispensary operator Planet 13 Holdings (OTC:PLNH.F). The company is certainly colorful, and in that Las Vegas way it knows how to market itself and put on a show. Whether its stock is a buy is another question, though.

Veteran Motley Fool contributor Eric Volkman and healthcare and cannabis bureau chief Corinne Cardina take a brief look at Planet 13’s prospects in this segment from Motley Fool Live recorded on Feb. 5, 2021.


Corinne Cardina: “Interested in your thoughts on Planet 13.” Of course, this is a company that has their cannabis superstore in Vegas. They are planning a second superstore in California. Eric, what do you think about Planet 13?

Eric Volkman: They’re an intriguing little company. They have an interesting approach. They have this Vegas-like hype behind them. They have a theatrical sense. it seems to me, they know how to make a splash, they know how to make an impact. Their superstore, they’ve made that a tourist attraction which I think is a very interesting thing.

The novelty has worn off a bit now that legalization is spreading and it’s not unusual in

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