South African Court Rules Private, Adult-Use Cannabis is Legal

South Africa’s highest court ruled that bans on the private use of cannabis by adults are illegal, effectively decriminalizing “dagga,” the name for marijuana in the African nation. The Constitutional Court issued its ruling in a suit brought by Rastafarian cannabis activists on Tuesday.

In the court’s decision, Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo ruled that the private possession and use of cannabis are protected by the South African constitution.

“It will not be a criminal offense for an adult person to use or be in possession of cannabis in private for his or her personal consumption,” Zondo said.

The judge noted that “the use of cannabis must be for the personal consumption of the adult,” according to media reports.

The court also found that cultivation of cannabis on private property for personal use is protected by the constitution, ruling that the right to privacy “extends beyond the boundaries of a home,” according to CBS News. The ruling does not legalize the sale or public consumption of pot, however.

The court did not set a limit on the amount of cannabis that qualifies as a supply for personal use. Instead, the judges left that task to legislators.

“The judgment doesn’t specify the

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