Study Finds Workplace Fatalities Dropped in States With Medical Marijuana

In states with legal medical cannabis programs in place, workplace safety continues to be a paramount concern. The multifaceted issue impacts employees, of course, but also their employers. In many states, workplaces continue to sanction employees who use medical marijuana legally. There also doesn’t seem to be much clarity on the question of workers compensation claims for medical cannabis patients, or whether insurance companies can claim cannabis as a cause of a workplace injury or death.

But how does medical cannabis legalization actually impact workplace safety? Do medical marijuana patients really pose a hazard to themselves and co-workers? A brand new study published in Drug Policy says no.

Study Finds A 19.5 Percent Reduction In Workplace Deaths In Legal MMJ States

A new study in The International Journal of Drug Policy investigates the relationship between states with medical marijuana programs and workplace fatalities. Using Bureau of Labor Statistics data from all 50 U.S. states between 1992 and 2015, the study hones in on workers in two age groups.

For workers aged 25-44, researchers associated legal medical marijuana with a 19.5 percent reduction in the expected number of workplace deaths. For younger workers 16-24, researchers also found a reduction. But for that group,

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