Study Links Medical Cannabis Legalization to Lower Opioid Prescription Rates

After two decades of going all-in on opioids, the medical community is now desperately searching for ways to de-escalate their use. What a powerful cabal of pharmaceutical manufacturers convinced doctors was a panacea to cure chronic pain and ease suffering has revealed itself to be the agent of a suffering of another sort: the nationwide devastation and death wrought by an opioid epidemic that killed 47,600 people in the US in 2017 alone.

And so the medical community is on a quest for alternatives, and cannabis continues to demonstrate its potential to be one. In fact, according to an important new study just out in Preventive Medicine, medical marijuana legalization is already helping to reduce opioid prescription rates. And that’s even without the wider medical community accepting it as a non-opioid painkiller alternative. In other words, researchers in Texas found, making medical cannabis legal seems to lower the number of patients prescribed opioids.

Researchers Find Significant Interactions Between Age, Cannabis Laws and Opioid Prescriptions

A just-published study, titled “Association between cannabis laws and opioid prescriptions among privately insured adults in the US,” analyzed how different cannabis laws influenced the rate of opioid prescriptions among adults from different age groups in

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