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Dispensaries have never offered more edibles, but cannabis users trying to avoid sugar still have a hard time finding something to fit their diets. Whether it’s a medical or personal choice, some people simply don’t want corn syrup or refined sugars in their diets, and it’s hard to blame them after seeing what sugars do to the body. Tinctures, pressed pills and capsules with THC, CBD and other cannabinoids are an easy alternative, but enjoying real food and drinks is more fun.

To help you stay high without breaking your diet, here are five sugar-free edibles that you can find in Colorado dispensaries:

Mountain High Suckers
A true OG in Colorado’s edibles space, Mountain High Suckers has been making infused lollipops since 2009. Now the company has nearly fifty varieties of CBD and THC suckers and lozenges, and a handful of those offerings are free of sugar. Although not as widely available as the standard lollis, Mountain High’s sugar-free treats are pretty easy to locate in Denver.

Incredibles Mints
Incredibles is known more for its candy bars, but it’s branched out to gummies, hard candies and mints in recent years. At least two of those flavors, the spearmint Ice and cinnamon Fire, are made without

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