Survey Shows 25% of Cannabis Users in Legal States Consume at Work

How do you deal with weed stigma? A new study of cannabis users in Washington, Colorado, and Oregon found that 79 percent agree that marijuana is still viewed in a negative light. That perception may be preventing people from being open about their usage of the drug with loved ones — less than half of those who responded to survey questions from Seattle-Portland marketing communications firm Quinn Thomas said they were completely transparent with family and friends about their cannabis use.

Another surprising finding? Employers will be keen to note that one in four respondents said that they’ve gotten high at work, and that an equal percentage copped to using marijuana while on the job.

In January, the study conducted focus groups and tapped 900 online respondents evenly distributed across three states where recreational cannabis is legal — Oregon, Washington, and Colorado. Its stated margin of error is plus or minus 3.3 percent.

Key data was turned that could be employed by cannabis brands in marketing, pricing, and positioning their products. The study suggested that marijuana use across the population is evenly distributed in terms of age, marriage status, income, political orientation, race, and ethnicity. One area in which cannabis

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