The 7 Most Beautiful Cannabis Shops in Portland

Although the third to legalize cannabis in the United States, the sophisticated state of the industry is at its peak in Oregon. Legislators here set the strictest testing standards yet. Portland’s organic, locally-grown culture around food bled into cannabis cultivation and top shelf growers are growing some of the cleanest product in the world, per state-certified lab results. And when it comes to shops, no one has demonstrated such a detailed degree of attention to the retail experience as Portland’s star-studded lineup.

Many masterfully design and assemble stunning build-outs the likes of Anthropologie stores–without the guarantee they’ll make it in an unpredictable landscape filled with hundreds of fellow recreational shops. Maybe it’ll be their ticket to widespread fame, maybe that sort of aesthetic beauty will change one person’s mind who thought of cannabis as a dirty, stoner-y drug. Either way, these are the Portland cannabis dispensaries too pretty to miss.

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