The Kush Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved

Folks, there’s no more rigged race running than the current state of  ‘legal marijuana.’

The odds have been stacked against the plant people for a few decades, and it’s no surprise to any friend of flowers just how awful the petro-pill-swilling, bed burning, house snatching, phone-tapping, network-robbing, cage-locking, tinder economists have become, but things are starting to get downright gonzo. Let me explain

Despite helping pay over 1,000 rents a month during the worst housing crisis in the city’s history, providing a fully stocked array of opiate alternatives during the worst overdose epidemic in the county’s history,
lowering crime, and providing some of the best and easiest medical cannabis access in the world, Vancouver dispensaries are being attacked by a city that depends on them.

Court documents detail the city of Vancouver staying, delaying and outright blocking at least 80% of potential pot shops in the last two years.

Why? The city argument is so:

On Wednesday cannabis wasn’t medicine.

On Thursday cannabis was medicine. But only if it arrived by mail.

On Friday it was both.

On the following Monday a woman who miraculously survived cancer using cannabis (no thanks to those standing in her way) cried to me during the trial’s lunch break, “they’re

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