The Mother Plant of the Goddess – Cannabis

CANNABIS CULTURE – Like us, cannabis occurs in both male and female forms a differentiation which marks higher forms of both botanical and animal species .  “Propagation of the female species… is the total concern of the grower interested in the narcotic power of the plant.  It is thus a kind of happy coincidence that the subjective effects of cannabis and the care and attention needed to produce a good resin strain both conspire and accentuate values that are oriented toward honoring and preserving the feminine.”(McKenna 1992).  With such a view in mind it is not so surprising to find that diverse devotees have often come to note something feminine about marijuana, or Mary Jane, and this goes back to ancient times.  Almost two millennia ago Chinese Taoist sages remarked upon this distinction, defining that it was the yin, (feminine opposite to the male yang) that contained the plants magical and euphoric properties.

Interestingly cannabis has been identified with a number of ancient Goddesses. In her groundbreaking historical studies of cannabis, the Polish anthropologist Sula Benet, known now for her identification of the ancient Hebrew term ‘Kaneh bosm’ with the plant cannabis,   wrote:

 Taking into account the matriarchal element

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