The World’s Biggest Wine Buyer Dips into Cannabis in Canada

The world’s biggest buyer of wine is the government of Ontario, and with the legalization of cannabis just one week away, they may become the largest wholesale buyer of the herb as well.  Especially since recreational consumption is expected to be over twice the amount of GW Pharmaceuticals’ current global export for medical cannabis.

Licensed producers across Canada are scrambling to keep up with the predicted demand for cannabis from not only Ontario, but nine other provinces with varying unpredictable degrees of demand.  In Ontario, you’ll only be able to purchase cannabis from a government-run website, while other provinces will enjoy traditional storefront dispensaries. That means that your only legal plug in Canada’s most populated province is the brother of Toronto’s former mayor Rob Ford (RIP) who is best known outside the country for a 2013 viral video in which he can be seen smoking crack. Doug Ford, on the other hand, now the premier of Ontario, is  a former mid-level hash dealer.

While the Ford family is well-known internationally for their escapades with drugs and alcohol, they’re now the only legal source from which you can score pot and booze if you live in Ontario. All liquor and cannabis

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