This Man is Making Cannabis Oil and Giving it Out for Free to Help Terminally Ill People

It is estimated that over a million people in the UK rely on medical marijuana for pain relief.

In an unassuming suburban home in a nondescript modern housing estate in Birmingham, Satnam Bains*, a 42-year-old property developer, quietly distills litres of his own cannabis oil in a makeshift garage laboratory.

Bains made it his business to learn how to make oil after his younger brother was diagnosed with a rare kidney cancer last year. “It came from nowhere and floored us all. He was just 32 and a high-flying civil engineer,” he said. “There wasn’t much the doctors could do apart from send him home with a fistful of drugs to take and morphine to self-administer for the chronic pain.”

– Read the entire article at Huffington Post.

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