Toronto Blazes Through More Than 140 Million Joints Annually

Let’s be clear from the outset. Canada has a reputation for consuming lots of cannabis. Tons of cannabis. More than 700 metric tons of cannabis by one count. As much as US$4.8 billion by another. It’s an impressive feat, one befitting the second nation on Earth to fully legalize the drug. But if you needed more data to prove it, let a survey of the smoking habits of Toronto residents paint a picture. There are all kinds of ways of visualizing just how much weed a city burns through in a year. But picturing it as a stack of joints reaching 3,720,750 feet into the sky is perhaps one of the more astonishing ways of doing it.

Survey Finds Toronto’s Smoking Habits Reach Impossible Heights

Canada is a large country, and of course, cannabis use is higher in its provinces’ large urban centers. But even in individual cities, cannabis use varies significantly across different locales and demographics.

The better gain a sense of the topography of cannabis consumption in Toronto, Environics Analytics conducted a survey of just under 5,000 city residents.

Environics specializes in analyzing how consumers use and perceive cannabis. They drill down into how those factors vary at

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