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A leading provider of premium medical cannabis and services, VIVO Cannabis Inc, (OTCMKTS: VVCIF) announced the strategic updates regarding its future for its shareholders on August 25. In addition, the wholly-owned license holder of Canna Farms and ABcann Medicals subsidiaries provides additional information regarding the company’s focus after July 5, 2021. In the previous reports, VIVO Cannabis elected a new slate of Board Directors. Also, it announced the new Chief

Executive Officer, Ray Laflamme, and since that, the company’s Board and Management reviving its business strategy actively.

VIVO Cannabis’ board of directors met to review the company’s proposed strategy. In addition, it also assessed alternative options and announced that it would enhance its focus on assisting its medical business retail, health, and wellness. Moreover, currently, the company is positioned as strong in medical cannabis by having many assets. By enhancing these assets, the company anticipates establishing itself as an international medical leader focused on improving the patients’ lives.

VIVO Path to Profitability

VIVO Cannabis targets feedback from its medical stakeholders and patients, reduces operations expenses, and integrates its business and operating systems to attain profitability. VIVO

Cannabis’s Strong assets are Canna Farms and ABcann

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