Two New Bills Could Revolutionize Marijuana Industry in New Jersey

Two bills being crafted by state legislators could revolutionize the marijuana industry in New Jersey if they are successfully passed into law. Provisions of the measures include home delivery of cannabis products, removing a cap on dispensaries, and automatic expungement of some past marijuana convictions.

For the past several weeks, a group of New Jersey legislators has been writing two bills that encapsulate the provisions of several cannabis bills introduced during this year’s legislative session. The first measure would allow the expansion of the medicinal use of cannabis, while the second bill would lead to full legalization of recreational marijuana in the state.

Democratic Assemblyman Joseph Danielson is one of the lawmakers working on the bills. He told local media that the group of legislators is still working out the details of the bills.

“Everything is a guessing game because leadership still has to get the votes,” said Danielson. “There are a lot of moving parts. It’s like an erector set.”

The lawmakers have been writing the bills with gaining the support of Gov. Phil Murphy in mind so that the cannabis legalization programs will be successful.

“I learned my lesson with the medicinal marijuana program when the (Christie) administration was not

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