Union City’s first marijuana dispensary could open by summer – East Bay Times

UNION CITY — The first ever marijuana dispensary in Union City could open its doors by this summer, allowing the city to begin collecting taxes from the shop nearly three and half years after the city first lifted its longstanding ban on marijuana businesses in 2017.

By a 4-1 vote, the City Council indicated Tuesday it will approve a permit for a new retail store, Flor, in Union Landing, the city’s main shopping center.

The business is proposed by Flor East Bay LLC, owned by a Salinas-based group called Bak Festivals, Inc., which already runs four other dispensaries in the state, in Oakland, San Jose, and two in Monterey County.

Flor plans to open a dispensary at 31000 Courthouse Dr., off of Dyer Street, in a space most recently occupied by a Sprint store.

Councilman Gary Singh voted against a permit for the store, saying he was concerned the city’s youth would “get their hands” on the marijuana products the store sells.

Flor would become the third company to be awarded a permit when the council finalizes the approval later this year, but would likely become the first to begin operations in the city, and importantly, start bringing tax revenue

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